About Kanaan

The company

Kanaan company was founded in 1990. in Radikovci with the goal of manufacturing food products. The company was founded by its current owner and director Zvonko Popović. Since 2005. the factory is placed in industrial zone Janjevci in Donji Miholjac, where it operates today

Market position

Our products have been recognized as the best buy option by our buyers, which resulted in the position of the market leader in the Croatian snack market despite the presence of global brands from large European and American manufacturers.

Manufacturing capacities

Kanaan has it’s own manufacturing and storage of raw materials. During 2013. the company has invested 1.5 million € in building new potato warehouse with its capacity of 8000t. In 2014. the company has invested over 1.5 million € in new manufacturing lines for the manufacturing of potato chips.

Always on top

During its 28 years of operating, Kanaan has developed in respectable company with over 100 employees and a large assortment of snack products.


The technologically advanced company spans on over 30 000m² in which there are two potato chips manufacturing lines, two corn flips manufacturing lines, a manufacturing line for the production of popcorn, a manufacturing line for the production of a healthy snack, and manufacturing line for the production of dry roasted peanuts. Total production capacity over 6000t annually.

Quality assurance

Production takes place in accordance with the provisions of the international food standard IFS, which prescribes requirements for food safety and quality. This gives greater assurance to retail chains that the products they sell under their own brands will be safe and of good quality.


Austria Bio Garantie
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