June 14, 2018 Category: News

CROPAK 2018 for Rice and Popcorn snack design

For the fifteenth year in a row, Tectus – Institute of Packaging and Printing is awarding prizes for the best packaging and printing product design. The CROPAK award is given to the best design solutions not only in Croatia but also in the countries of the region.

This year, the company Kanaan participated in this prestigious competition for the first time with the design of its new products Rice snack and Popcorn snack, and won the award for the best design of a Croatian product in the most numerous category. Also, the same design was shortlisted for the best design of the entire competition, giving Kanaan the right to use the CROPAK label on the packaging of its products, as a top design label.

Winning the CROPAK award is another in a series of labels of quality work and Kanaan and insisting on product excellence, both in taste and visually. Which is why Canaan reaffirms that Canaan is a company that grows every day and a brand you will love.

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