April 5, 2018 Category: News

Everything you need to know about Hand Cooked Chips

Did you know that there is a large number of different kinds of chips? Not only different aromas (salted, paprika, garlic, etc.); cut type (straight cut, wavy cut, etc.) but there are also different styles of frying potato chips.

Hand cooked chips, also known as “Kettle style” chips is the highest quality style of chips. It differs from classic chips in technology and method of manufacturing. Hand cooked chips is made in batch style instead of continuous style frying. It’s fried at a lower temperature which makes it’s thicker cut absorb less oil, preserving the delicate potato flavor.

That process achieves higher quality chips, and better crunchiness, making it the best thing potato can give us.

After you’ve tried Kanaan’s Hand cooked chips, no other chips would taste the same. It’s rich flavour and golden color is something you’ll never forget.


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